Don t ask to touch my hair. 3 Reasons Why You Can't Touch My Hair.

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Don t ask to touch my hair

Other black people do not ask to touch my hair, so why do others have this sudden overwhelming urge to touch hair when they see me? Did you catch all the good reasons not to? When I got to middle school the student demographic was more diverse, but I was still the go-to black girl for questions related to the culture. Every new hairstyle became a new opportunity for me to educate someone on my black girl magic. You also have to consider the broader context. The psychological impact of having people constantly feel entitled my personal space has worn me down. The problem with my hair actually doesn't stem from the hair itself but a question that I have been asked by non-black people for as long as I can remember. The microaggression is toxic and common but it has to stop. The short answer is the objectification of black bodies. I was always aware that I was part of the minority, and at times it made me uncomfortable. If you wanted to touch my hair it was going to come at a cost, and the price you had to pay was a lesson in history and artistry. Before I knew it, a small group of girls gathered around me. What if you ask for permission? When non-black ask to touch my hair, it is as if they are asking to pet me. Can I touch your hair? As a young black woman, I have been asked this repeated question for quite some time and began to notice a trend each time these things happened. I love Solange, and I totally agree that my hair is my crown of glory. Don t ask to touch my hair

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Don t ask to touch my hair

Don t ask to touch my hair

Don t ask to touch my hair

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  1. It's a Microaggression While asking to touch hair may seem harmless, it's also a form of dehumanization among black people and it ties into microaggressions. The solution to the curiosity is to be surrounded with a more diverse crowd. Before I knew it, a small group of girls gathered around me.

  2. Having people feel entitled to our personal space at all times puts us in a vulnerable position. To that I say, people should have self-control and understand personal space.

  3. My hair isn't considered professional. Also not a secret that many black people do not meet all of them, this definitely includes hair. My head ached from the tightness, but I put that thought to the side as I prepared myself for a barrage of questions.

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