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Www tantrachair com

While experimenting with different sexual positions all the effort that went into the exact curves of the Tantra Chair becomes very apparent. After one use however she was sold for life due to how much she enjoyed it. We highly encourage this. Between the high and low curve points it adds a huge amount of position variety. I haven't tried it yet, but those who plan to be on slick hard surfaces may want to take the slider posts off or use other non-slip pads. Your bodies will naturally want to go to each other all while still being easy to grab and caress enhancing the feeling even further. It greatly enhances the good situations while also allowing us to avoid angles that hurt. It is our greatest honor to please you with this remarkable chair design and we look forward to exceeding your every expectation. The foam quality and density is most influential in maintaining comfortable angles to maximize the intention of the design. There are many attempts to replicate the design around the world but all fall short on integrity. The cost of the Tantra Chair is definitely going to be a barrier for many, but it is also a classic example of you get what you pay for. If one feels uncomfortable, cheap, and awkward it doesn't exactly promote sex. The leather material we use is considered to be the finest in the world. Since picky these days and not afraid to pay more for the best, I chose the Tantra Chair over all the other options as the quality noticeably stood out. You have your choice of nail heads. Thank you so much Zen By Design for a fabulous product. Thank you Zen By Design! Www tantrachair com

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Www tantrachair com

Www tantrachair com

Www tantrachair com

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  1. Even though neither of us are big into the Kama Sutra offhand, feeling the majority of the positions fall more under the concept of "look at what I can do!

  2. We incorporate a stringent quality controlled enviroment to guarantee that each and every chair that we create meets our superior standard. If the balance was broken it would be a near useless piece of art or a functional piece that unpleasantly looks more for public use in a hospital. For first impressions on actually being on the Tantra Chair it feels nice and sturdy as hoped.

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