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Thats a dealbreaker

Production[ edit ] Kay Cannon pictured penned this episode of 30 Rock. He broke his leg and was unable to climb upwards to escape, but by going deeper down into the crevasse he found a path out. Jack decides that, because Liz ruined Tracy's life with her book, Tracy should be given the right to ruin her life, and he orders Liz to sign over her life rights to Tracy. After Liz locks herself in her dressing room, Jack shuts Dealbreakers down, but manages to break even by selling the show's opening titles; in future, whenever a television show is playing in the background of a Sheinhardt Universals soap opera, the Dealbreakers titles will be shown. Tracy sings his song to Angie and she is so moved she agrees to have another child. The footage shown on the high-definition monitor was extracted from the film The Hunt for Red October starring Baldwin. Once there he reads Liz's Dealbreakers book in detail and discovers that much of the book was written directly about him calling his various oddities "deal breakers". She shows Mike Jon Glaser , a nametag-wearing employee that she is the author but he grows angry with her, showing a quote from her book "If your man is over thirty and still wears a nametag to work, that's a dealbreaker," and he tears apart her cutout. Despite rumors to the contrary, the actors playing 'porn versions' of 30 Rock characters were not the same performers featured on the original parody. Leo Spaceman in this episode, in which Liz Lemon visits Dr. Carlock was asked in a interview if the TGS writers were going to be seen more in the upcoming season, to which he replied, "One of the great things about this show and the blessing and the curse is that we have so many characters and so many different interactions between characters that work so well. The search for a new cast member would continue throughout the season. Thats a dealbreaker

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Thats a dealbreaker

Thats a dealbreaker

Thats a dealbreaker

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  1. Season 4. Jack decides that, because Liz ruined Tracy's life with her book, Tracy should be given the right to ruin her life, and he orders Liz to sign over her life rights to Tracy.

  2. The episode makes several references to the automotive industry crisis of — and the financial crisis of — As he shops for a special Christmas present for Angie, to try to convince her to have another child, Tracy finds a diamond encrusted "EGOT" necklace and sets a new life goal to achieve EGOT status by winning four major awards: Production[ edit ] Savanna Samson guest starred as the porn version of Liz Lemon in this episode.

  3. Liz applies this story to her situation with Tracy and stops resisting him, instead suggesting that Tracy make a pornographic film based on her life. In its original American broadcast, "Dealbreakers Talk Show " drew in 6.

  4. They try to incorporate suggestions such as making the microwave bigger or making them break down more often so they require replacement, but Jack eventually abandons the project as a failure.

  5. However, instead of leaving GE, Jack convinces Devon to give the company bailout money which he had previously refused , effectively making Devon Jack's boss. Devon also says that in his search for an organization more powerful than GE he selected the American government because, " American Idol 's not on until January. Jack tells Liz a story about an accident he had ice climbing, falling into a crevasse.

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