Licorice underwear. Edible Lingerie.

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Licorice underwear

I once cooked a meal wearing an apron and high heels and nothing else. It was a huge hit and let lose a whole slew of ideas for naughty undergarments. The premier edible panties that were designed by Yumgerie were made from a thin plastic film that was originally designed to wrap and store frozen turkey. It is loaded with surprising flavors and designs and is well worth the price it comes for. But I was instantly distracted. Eating and mating are primordial urges. When Kyle met his to be wife, Nina in college and pitched the idea of evolving into steamier edible skivvies, Yumgerie was born. And hey! And pink. You know what else is not sexy? This happened on a blurry night way back in and amidst the drinks and dope, a magical idea sprung to life. The one time when I asked — sincerely — that he talk dirty to me , I caught Jack so off-guard that he recited a poem by the 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns, about what it means to be a man. Never mind the list of unpronounceable ingredients, I was stuck on the fact that one g-string is equal to Oddly enough, it was sort of a turn-on. The packaging said the more you lick it, the better it becomes, but all that seemed to happen when Jack followed directions was that everything became more sticky. Spencers; Giphy. Licorice underwear

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Licorice underwear

Licorice underwear

Licorice underwear

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  1. But I was instantly distracted. Show off your kinky side with these irresistible edible undies from Yumgerie! Never mind the list of unpronounceable ingredients, I was stuck on the fact that one g-string is equal to

  2. Watching him chew? Laughter has always been our go-to aphrodisiac. Jack cracked a joke about my preference for the exact opposite on the wholesome scale of edible underwear.

  3. Since then our brand has grown exponentially and captured the hearts and minds of a global audience.

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