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Happy sexy

She sparkles when she teaches and her path of ParaYoga shares unique secrets about breathing and posture found in no other tradition. She shows how we can create our own journey into wellness and embrace our inherent sexual and creative power. Covering everything from how to get the perfect poo to glowing skin to deeper sexual fulfillment, here is a complete guide to women's health. The fact that she can deliver what she has to say with so much clarity, humor, caring, and yes, sexiness is a gift, because it means that more and more of us will continue to be drawn to listen and thus, benefit from the ancient wisdom she so expertly conveys. Everything presented is very approachable. I really appreciated the sections on women's health issues and sex - topics that are too often overlooked, glossed over or just plain not discussed. Teacher and yoga instructor Katie Silcox is a leading expert on Ayurveda. Because reading something the year you graduate high school is not the same as reading it when you're I thought it was very approachable and well written. The word does have a rightful place there though-- because there are three pillars of Ayurveda, and sex is one of them. She has the innate ability to translate ancient teachings into modern language that is tangible, relatable, funny, and by the end of the book you feel as though you have been sharing secrets with your dearest friend. I also anticipate the meditations, recipes and resources that she includes are going to be useful. I recommend it for any woman interested in learning more about Ayurveda. This book gives a good ov Okay, I had to get over myself and yes, read a book that had the word sexy in the title. Add to basket Add to wishlist Description A hip, sensual Ayurveda bible for the modern woman, this life-changing guide distills ancient teachings into a spirit-infused yet pragmatic approach to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Carefully researched and irradiated by Kate's own years of practice, this is a book to keep by your side for guidance through all the seasons of your life. Happy sexy

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Happy sexy

Happy sexy

Happy sexy

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  1. Jul 27, Heidi rated it really liked it This book may not be as deep or comprehensive as other books on the topic, but it is a really nice introduction to whet the appetite. She has the innate ability to translate ancient teachings into modern language that is tangible, relatable, funny, and by the end of the book you feel as though you have been sharing secrets with your dearest friend.

  2. This book gives a good overall explanation of each of the three pillars, and then provides recipes, mantras and meditations.

  3. She is a friend for all who seek to know more of their wonderful, juicy, and highest Self.

  4. And now I have the itch to re-read The Red Tent. By engaging in these lifestyle choices, you will experience ancient practices that resonate with the way we live our lives now. This beautiful and inspiring book is for any woman who wants to come into alignment with herself and the Divine.

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